TL 35


Its sturdy and largely sized structure guarantees stability and lack of vibration in every step of the production, even in the hardest one.

The varnishing is made in a particular way: Before the workings, sandblasting with an immediate zinc based treatment. After the workings, washing and double varnishing.

Thanks to the new plateau pressure control system, it is finally possible to obtain speculative polishing even on materials so far difficult to work.

The ‘V’ oil bath guides, completely protected for their whole length, guarantee to last for a long time with just a minimum of maintenance.

The machine, in its standard execution, is able to execute automatically the following 4 different work programs:

1 – Perimeter (or contour)

2 – Transverse Greek

3 – Longitudinal Greek

4 – Zig-zag

The trolley plateau unit is characterized by an oscillating motion that serves to remove any residual shadows and that can be connected/disconnected as desired.

The bridge and trolley translation speeds are variable and adjustable continuously from 0 to 14 mt./1 and allow to get the desired polishing type depending on the material and type of workmanship expected with a productive output always extraordinarily favorable.

The machine in its standard full execution is completely provided with all the necessary control and working devices such as the count-to-be, the hour counter clock, and the coolant intake control valve and the alerting system of the minimum reach-abrasive.

Designed by Daniele Berlato