Number of interpolated axes 5/6 (OPT)
Longitudinal X axis movement mm 3700
Transversal Y axis movement (*) mm 2600 / 3600 (OPT)
Down-stroke Z axis disc movement mm 600
C axis disc drive rotation gradi 0 – 362°
A axis disc inclination gradi 0 – 90°
Electrospindle power/td> kW 17,6/S6
Electrospindle variable speed rpm 0 – 7000
Cone tool attach ISO 40
Cone tool attach mm 400 – 725
Cone tool attach mm 3500×2000
 (*) Other sizes available upon request

The bridge cutting machine NOAT SFERA 625 is the synthesis of the latest NOAT technology and it represents one of the most performing cutting and profiling center existing in the market.

Equipped with very fast ‘brushless’ motors, SFERA 625 arouses enthusiasm for its extreme ease of use either in the manual and automatic mode or in the CNC numerical control functionality thanks to a large control panel with TOUCH SCREEN very easy and immediate to use.

The machine is ideal for cutting even irregular pieces for the very fast head rotation of 362° but it also allows the use of tools mounted on ISO 40 cones permitting therefore the execution of lots of profiling and decorating works using the 5 interpolated axis and of the CAD-CAM software.

The machine is controlled by a CNC that is able to manage up to 6 axis. Moreover, the machine is provided with a wide range of OPTIONAL such as the numerical control lathe for processing columns and statues, the laser copier for scanning the three-dimensional models, the digital camera system to scan the slab surface, the pneumatic or hydraulic tilting table, the galvanized steel foundations and more useful tools.

The machine size can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

The single load bearing beam is made of very thick steel on which there are two sturdy hardened steel sliding shoes, so that the machine can work precisely for a much longer time.

The sliding guides of the beam are covered with hardened steel strips.

The varnishing is made in a particular way: Before the workings, sandblasting with an immediate zinc based treatment. After the workings, washing and double varnishing.

Control panel with TOUCH SCREEN mounted on a pendant station with IMMEDIATE and EASY functionalities with a big display that highlights the machine main parameters.

The saw-blade holder slides on recirculating ball shoes, providing a great stability and precision to the tool.

The up and down movement of the disc is possible through four recirculating ball shoes that slide on hardened steel sliding tracks and through a recirculating ball screw. That allows to obtain a high precision in the disc positioning and to absorb the vibrations.

The system is completely covered by bellows and carters in order to avoid that dust and water splashing compromise the duration in time of the machine.

The movement precision of the axes, achieved by BRUSHLESS motors, is guaranteed through the couplings of controlled backlash ground inclined teeth gears and racks.

The workbench is fixed and it can also be tilting.

Designed by Daniele Berlato