The MISTRAL SL50 contouring machine consists of a numerical controlled working centre, capable of performing multiple automatic operations such as outlines of interiors and exteriors (kitchen top sinks), incisions and bas-reliefs.

The varnishing is made in a particular way: Before the workings, sandblasting with an immediate zinc based treatment. After the workings, washing and double varnishing.

The machine construction has been projected for a versatile use in order to guarantee a high productivity in time. The machine has the traditional bridge setting with extreme precision handling, obtained from brushless motors coupled with recirculating ball screws.

Tracks sliding on the recirculating ball units assure durability and precision in time.

Electrospindle with automatic and swift automatic release of the tool, ISO 40 attach and internal passage of cooling liquid by means of rotating joint.

The numerical control, which the machine is provided with, is a FAGOR 8055 that, besides managing the movement of the axes, reports eventual anomalies with messages and alarms facilitating in this way its use for the operator.

There can also be performed long operations even in absence of the personnel.

The language, in which the messages and the programming aids appear, is chosen according to the machine destination. The programming language is ISO type with the possibility of high-level programming, while the program creation depends on the CAD-CAM software.

Besides the three axes X trolley, Y type gantry beam with independent motorizations and vertical Z one, there is always the possibility to manage, in an interpolated way, the fourth optional C axis that allows the continuous revolution of the disc, it is always possible to handle interpolated the fourth C optional axis that allows the continued disc rotation on bevel gearbox.

Moreover, there are other accessories available as the presetting tool with laser probe, which is particularly useful for the tool diameter update during polishing workings. It is also possible to dispose of an optional laser copier in order to realize bas-reliefs.

Designed by Daniele Berlato