Maximum working thickness on marble and granite mm 60
Switching group motor power kW 7.5
Power frontal polishing motors kW 1.5 – 1.5
Bar motor power at presses kW 0.37
Sanding motor power upper / lower kW 1.5
Bottom/top roughing motor power (*) kW 3
Cutter motors power (*) kW 4.8
Drip motor power (*) kW 4.8
CNC shaping power kW 3
Total installed power kW 28
Maximum length mm 5000
Maximum width mm 2200
Height mm 1720
Total weight kg 4200
(*) On request – Company reserves the right to make changes

From the forty-year experience of CMPI in the field of marble and granite processing, the GS-ONE is born. Entirely built in Italy, it can be completely modulated to satisfy every type of dimensional and working request of the customer, limiting the costs of realization.

The GS-ONE is able to perform all the roughing and finishing operations on building, furnishing and funeral artifacts.

It can work thicknesses from 20 to 60 mm (with optional pre-cut from 20 to 100 mm) performing: calibration, straight edge (with floating movement), bevels, drip, toroidal rib with all the irregular shapes that derive from it (half-round, beak of owl, etc.) and relative polishing.

Designed by Daniele Berlato