Number of interpolated axes 3/4 (OPT)
Longitudinal X axis movement mm 3800
Transversal Y axis movement (*) mm 3500
Down-stroke Z axis disc movement mm 500
A axis disc inclination gradi 0 – 90° (OPT)
Electrospindle power kW 20/S6 – 28,5/S6 (OPT)
Electrospindle variable speed rpm 0 – 3000 (OPT)
Discs diameter mm 350 – 825
Workbench size mm 3500×1800
(*) Other dimensions on request

The new mod. ANTARES automatic bridge cutting machine differs from the smaller QUBO for the higher structure sturdiness (beam height: 50 cm) and for the possibility to manually incline the disc from 0 to 90° as well for a higher advanced control panel equipped with color touch screen for an easier and immediate use of the machine.

Moreover, the machine has a wide range of OPTIONAL such as the tilting head, various versions of automatic fixed and tilting workbenches, overbenches for material loading, pistons for blocking the slabs, personal computer with CAD-CAM software, zinc steel basements and many other useful accessories.

The single load bearing beam is made of very thick steel on which there are two sturdy hardened steel sliding tracks, so that the machine can work precisely for a much longer time.

The varnishing is made in a particular way: Before the workings, sandblasting with an immediate zinc based treatment. After the workings, washing and double varnishing.

Control panel with easy-to-learn symbols positioned ergonomically in front of the slide.

The saw-blade holder slides on recirculating ball shoes, providing a great stability and precision to the tool.

The up and down movement of the disc is possible through four recirculating ball shoes that slide on hardened steel sliding tracks and through a recirculating ball screw. That allows to obtain a high precision in the disc positioning and to absorb the vibrations.

The system is completely covered by bellows in order to avoid that dust and water splashing compromise the duration in time of the machine.

The workbench can be manual or automatic rotating and pneumatic or hydraulic tilting.

Automatic machine with digital reading programmer with preselection and automatic repetition of 9 different sizes that can be repeated each one up to 99 times.

Designed by Daniele Berlato